Ballet Petit News

News - 2014

Ballet Petit dancer invited to train full time at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow

The UPDATE is in. Here is the list of 2014 acceptances for our Transition Advanced and Advanced Dancers. Ballet Petit dancers have continued to do very well in their various auditions.

University/College Ballet/Dance Programs (Dancers must first be accepted to the university/ college before being considered for the Ballet Program) Note: This is the first year Ballet Petit has had acceptances to the Ballet Programs at Butler University, University of Utah, University of Cincinnati, and Indiana University. These institutions are among the top few ballet university programs in the U.S.

  • Hilary - UC Irvine, Butler University, University of Utah, University of Cincinnati, North Carolina School for the Arts
  • Madison - UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, University of Utah, Butler University, and University of Indiana

Pre-Professional Ballet Company Programs: (Training Company for professional ballet companies)

  • Patience - *Ballet Arizona Pre-Professional Program 1 with Scholarship, *Ballet Magnificat Top Level Trainee

Summer Intensives: (Intensive 2-6 week ballet programs where dancers dance all day long with various Master Teachers)

  • Hilary - *Richmond (Virginia) Ballet with scholarship, *Ballet West
  • Patience - The Rock School (Top Level) with scholarship (This ballet school was featured in the movie First Position as highly desirable for the YAGP competition contestant winners.)
  • Sarah B. - American Ballet Theatre, The Rock School, Contra Costa Ballet School
  • Trudy - Bolshoi Ballet School, Walnut Hill School for the Arts, Houston Ballet, City Ballet School Pre-professional Program (in SF)
  • Reena - Bolshoi Ballet School, San Francisco Ballet School, City Ballet School (in SF)
  • Jenna S. - Kirov Ballet School, The Rock School, Ballet West (Pre-Intensive), Contra Costa Ballet School
  • Xenia - Joffrey Ballet Chicago with Scholarship, Joffrey Ballet School New York, Kirov Ballet School
  • Iris - American Ballet Theatre, Kirov Ballet School, Princeton Ballet School

* signifies that placement in these programs at these levels place dancers under consideration for Trainee Program, Apprenticeships, and/or Company positions.

Congratulations to each of you. Congrats to younger dancers who also did well in their auditions.

News - 2013

Denmark Dancers Reunite for Class and Lunch.
International Friendships Come Home.

On a recent Sunday morning, 5 dancers met at the Berkeley Ballet Theatre school for a reunion. They took Sally Streets' challenging class together, then headed out to the Elmwood Cafe for a light lunch, finished off with special licorice from Copenhagen. Some of these dancers had never seen one another in the U.S., only in Denmark, even though we all lived close to one another at one time. It was a wonderful day.

You will recognize Lillian, Patience, Hilary, and Miss Peggy. The new face is Marie-Louise. She grew up in Danville, but we met in Copenhagen in 2004 on Sarah's trip to DK. Marie-Louise went from the Royal Danish Theatre to dancing in Sweden for the Royal Opera, Nederlands Dance Theatre. Marie-Louise is now in the Bay Area going to college, so she sees Miss Peggy all the time now. Marie-Louise even came to Ballet Petit and did a wonderful photo shoot on BP's Junior Company dancers.

In Copenhagen, Miss Peggy got to know Marie-Louise and her ballet teacher mother, Katerina Wester, over the years. It was funny that before they met in Denmark, they all lived less than an hour from one another, yet there they were. Katerina currently teaches graduating dancers at the Conservatory of the Hague, but has promised a Master Class when she is in town.

Miss Peggy emailed Vivi Flindt in Denmark after this lovely afternoon. Vivi was touched to see these dancers together, onthe other side of the world, once again. The event was only missing Sarah, Jessica, and Alina, the other DK ballerinas; maybe some other time.

Denmark Ballerinas

Yes! Absolutely! BOYS can do Ballet!!

Boys! Boys! Boys! I am sooooo excited to report that we now have several new boys dancing this session, as well as many returning. We are well into double digits! Someday we will have our gentlemen all grown up and ready to handle all the pas de deuxs. It looks like the word is out... That ballet makes boys coordinated and strong. It helps them jump. Training among the ladies also teaches them priceless social skills many young men don't have the opportunity to learn firsthand.

Omar held special Boys Classes this session which were well attended. In this Nutcracker, there are 7 boys in Party Scene! We are so excited.

Next session, we will introduce pas de deux to the boys who are ready to take on this special opportunity of partnering the young ladies.

Ballet Petit Dancer Receives Apprentice Contract with Oakland Ballet Petit

It is with great excitement that I inform you that this evening, at an intimate event for Oakland Ballet donors at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, a wonderful announcement was made.

The Oakland Ballet Artistic Director, Graham Lustig, introduced his first OBC ballet company apprentice, Miss Patience. Yes, Ballet Petit's Patience Gordon will be performing as a company apprentice in the Oakland Ballet's Nutcracker Christmas Weekend 2013, along with the younger dancers in the student dancer roles. This is huge news!! Congratulations, Patience. Your hard work is beginning to pay off.

Local Dancers attend Summer Intensive with the Oakland Ballet Company

In July 2013, 37 dancers from all over the East Bay attended Ballet Boot Camp under the direction of the Oakland Ballet Company's Artistic Director, Graham Lustig. Dancers trained in classical ballet, pointe work, choreography, modern, and more. Oakland Ballet's Boot Camp was held at Ballet Petit?s new facility in Hayward at 2501 Industrial Parkway West. See you there next year!

The Oakland Ballet Company interviews Peggy Peabody, Ballet Petit's Artistic Director, regarding her long relationship with the company.

Ballet Petit has grown!

Grand Opening! Ballet Petit has finally come home! Come and see us in action in our new, state of the art 15,000 square foot facility located at 2501 Industrial Parkway West in Hayward. You can?t miss us. We are across the intersection from Costco! We thank everyone who helped us achieve this milestone including: The inspiring Ballet Petit staff, dancers, and families past and present, Procare Commercial Services and our crew, Flynn Architecture and Mark, The City of Hayward Planning Department, The City of Hayward Fire Department, Aquamatic Fire, BA Morrison, Regevig Roofing, Bank of the West, TMC Financing, Edmund Reilly, and the many voices of encouragement and support we have received during this project.

Summer Intensives 2013

Congratulations to Ballet Petit dancers who have been accepted to Summer Intensives for 2013 at: The Nutmeg Conservatory, Indiana University Dance Department, American Ballet theatre, Kirov Ballet and more.

Dancers Travel Abroad

In the summer of 2012, Miss Peggy accompanied Hilary and Patience on the summer intensive experience of a lifetime. For three weeks, these dancers trained in the Royal Danish Ballet Theatre at Kongs Nytorv, a district of Central Copenhagen, Denmark. Dancers from all over the world met for the 50th Bartholin International Ballet Seminar, under the auspices of Queen Margrethe II. Vivi Flindt, one of the most influential ballet figures alive today, has directed this program for over 20 years. (Ballet Petit was fortunate to have Vivi teach a master class here a few years ago en route to dinner at Miss Peggy?s home.)

During their time there, Hilary and Patience trained under Thomas Lund, Director of the Royal Danish Ballet School, Caroline Cavalho, longtime RDB principal dancer, Paul Haze from Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Katerina Westover, currently on staff at the Hague Conservatory, Eva Draw of international renown, and more. The dancers completed their seminar with a public performance at the famed Pantomime Theatre at Tivoli Gardens.

This is the fourth time Miss Peggy has had the pleasure of accompanying dancers to the Bartholin International Ballet Seminar. In the past, Lillian Kautz , Sarah Martin, Alina Chen, and Jessica Ma have also attended this seminar. It has always been very inspirational to dance among the world?s finest dancers and teachers. Miss Peggy looks forward to another trip to Copenhagen soon.

Modern Series 1 has Concluded

Miss Laura, Ballet Petit's newest staff member, has recently concluded our Modern Series One with a special treat. Miss Laura's husband, Jay, is a percussionist. Dancers enjoyed his beats during the last class in the modern series a few weeks ago.

During the modern series, dancers were introduced to various forms of Modern Dance. It was amazing to see the progression of the understandingintheir bodies of this new way to move. Dancers thoroughly enjoyed the six week course.

Don't worry. Due to high demand and interest, we will do Modern Series 2 once the new year has gotten off to a solid start n 2014.

Before the Spring Concert emails start flowing in the next few weeks, I wanted to share some good news about our dancers' summer program auditions. This year, we have some impressive acceptances to report. There has been a significant increase in the level and placement of Ballet Petit dancers in recent years, and this year we soared!

Ballet Petit dancers have been accepted to the following professional level Summer Intensive Programs:

  • Bartholin International Ballet Seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark (in the Queen's Royal Theatre)- Patience and Hilary (accompanied by Miss Peggy)
  • Kirov Ballet- Madison
  • American Ballet Theatre (ABT has programs in several locations) - Krystn (Orange County), Madison (Texas), Marisa (Young Dancer's Program in New York City and Texas), Trudy (Young Dancers Program New York City), Emily (Orange County), Emily (Orange County and North Carolina), Jenna (North Carolina)
  • San Francisco Ballet - Trudy
  • Boston Ballet - Trudy

Congratulations to these dancers on their acceptances.

Everyone, keep up the good work, which inspires us all to do our best!

News - 2010

I want to formally congratulate and acknowledge our dancers on their summer session acceptances and college choices. Some were accepted at multiple schools, so had to make choices of where they would attend. Some were accepted, but chose not to attend. Being accepted among the stiff competition with so many dancers and students is to be noted. Here they are:

Professional Ballet Company Summer Program Acceptances

Kimberly - Alvin Ailey, ABT Michigan
Stephanie - ABT Michigan, Contra Costa
Caitlyn - Alvin Ailey NYC
Hilary - Boston Ballet
Patience - Boston Ballet
Jenna - Diablo, Contra Costa, ABT
Trisha - ABT Irvine, Boston Ballet Youth
Vivian - Contra Costa

Seniors' College Choice:

Ariana - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Shannon - Cal Poly Pomona
Lauren - Cal State East Bay
Jenna - College of Alameda
Leslie - UC Berkeley
Helene - Trinity College
Lillian - Santa Clara University

Yeah! Congrats to these dancers and to their parents!

News - 2009

Here is a list of some special accomplishments by Ballet Petit dancers.

Recently, several of our dancers auditioned for a variety of summer intensive programs. I am very pleased to report that they did extremely well, gaining acceptance all over the country, into a variety of programs.

Here is a sample of some of the acceptances:

Stephanie: American Ballet Theatre
Paola: American Ballet Theatre Irvine and Ballet San Jose
Caitlyn: American Ballet Theatre and Lines Ballet
Trisha: American Ballet Theatre Texas
Lillian: American Ballet Theatre Irvine and Indiana University Summer Choreography Seminar
Hilary: American Ballet Theatre Alabama
Edith: San Francisco Ballet
Kimberly: Lines Ballet
Vivian: American Ballet Theatre Irvine

American Ballet Theatre has several programs hosting their summer intensives around the country. The different sites specialize in different levels. We have dancers attending programs in Orange County, Michigan, Alabama and Texas.

Competition for these spots is highly competitive. Congratulations to these dancers. Keep up the good work!

News - 2008

Oakland Tribune

Peggy Peabody inducted into the Women's Hall of Fame

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors and The Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women have honoured Peggy Peabody with the prestigious "Women's Hall of Fame" award for Arts and Culture. The purpose of the Women's Hall of Fame is to recognize outstanding women for their achievements and contributions to the overall well being of our county and its citizens.

Links to articles:

Inside Bay Area: Women's Hall of Fame adds 7 inductees
Inside Bay Area: 7 women to join county Hall of Fame Alameda County's Official Website

News - 2008

I want to formally congratulate and acknowledge our dancers on their summer session acceptances and college choices. Some were accepted at multiple schools, so had to make choices of where they would attend. Some were accepted, but chose not to attend. Being accepted among the stiff competition with so many dancers and students is to be noted. Here they are:

Professional Ballet Company Summer Program Acceptances

Lillian - Denmark, along with Miss Peggy to the Bartholin International Ballet Seminar

Inside Bay Area

Whew! I just saw both the article in the Daily Review and the video on Inside Bay Area and am very pleased. (I am also very relieved, as we are not accustomed to getting much press, you know!) Both are very nicely done and convey what Ballet Petit is all about.

The reporter, Kris Noceda, was a pleasure to work with. We spoke daily last week, meeting over the phone, at ballet, as well as at the Daily Review office to record the voice for the video. It was a lot of fun. He did both the article and the video. The photographer also got some nice and very tasteful shots. They obviously listened to my concern about being careful about certain inappropriate angles not being included. They were both a pleasure to work with.

I am so happy that the focus of the article was wholesome and focused on what we do. Both the reporter and the photographer spent a lot of time on us over the last 9 days. I am glad that their efforts paid off so well.

If you would like to see the article and/or the video, go to On that page under Multimedia, click on the story title.

News - 2007

San Francisco Chronicle

REVIEW - Whimsy elevates Guidi's 'Nutcracker'

Well-rehearsed young gingersnaps from Ballet Petit of Hayward perform in director and choreographer Ronn Guidi's intimate retelling of the oft-told "Nutcracker".

Read the Review

What did you do for your summer vacation? Well, we were very busy here at Ballet Petit. In addition to regular classes, we had several special things happen during this summer of 2006.

Lillian went off to the Summer Intensive with the American Ballet Theatre for the second summer in a row. Three weeks of challenging classes added even more to Lillian's already lovely technique. Miss Peggy always likes what she sees when our dancers return from a summer with ABT. They come back strong and clean. Lillian was no exception, of course! Watching her last week take a slow developpe, en pointe, in a la seconde (to the side), in slow motion, then continue to lift the leg gently at the top of the developpe says it all...strong technique with artistic quality, all done in good taste. Good job!

Sarah and Miss Peggy recently returned from 3 weeks in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sarah was attending the 44th Annual Bartholin International Ballet Seminar that was held in the Danish Royal Theatre. Miss Peggy took morning class with Sarah and the other dancers each day. Sarah danced Monday through Saturday from 9:00- at least 5:00. The highlight of the week was studying the Bournonville tradition with Vivi Flindt in week 2. Sarah's teachers and program changed each week, including modern, Pilates, character dance, pas de deux, and pointe / variations. Each morning class teacher each week had been a partner with Rudolf Nureyev!

The program ended on a particularly high note. Sarah was awarded the only Bournonville solo for the showcase performance at Tivoli Garden on July 22. Several hours before that, she was also awarded a full scholoarship to return to the international seminar next year, next to a boy from the Bolshoi Ballet School! Since most of the dancers in the seminar are trained in their countries' royal ballet schools and opera companies, usually at the expense of their governments, this is a very big honor for a young dancer from a private ballet school such as ours... in Hayward, California! Congratulations, Sarah on your hard work. See the photos

In August we had the pleasure of spending an intensive week of training right here at Ballet Petit with Ronn Guidi and Danny Nguyen. Ronn is the Founding Artistic Director of the Oakland Ballet, Danny of the Danny Nguyen Dance Company.

Ronn shared his many gifts and years of experience with us through daily ballet classes and choreographic sessions. Dancers learned many variations from Ronn's original version of his Nutcracker, which is returning to the Paramount Theatre this year with many of his favorite dancers from years ago! See the photos

Danny gave us our first week long exposure to modern dance. We rose to the challenge and proved that classically trained dancers can transition relatively easily to other forms of dance. See the photos

Lastly, as summer draws to a close, we begin to say good-bye to our graduates as they go off to college. Lisa and Sarah will be continuing their dance training in college, both entering college with a double major - one in dance!

We hope you also had a productive summer. Welcome back.

Ballet Russes - a film by Dayna Goldfine and Dan Geller

To see a remarkable film, that teachers the history of dance and is a must see for those who love ballet and want to learn more. Unearthing a treasure trove of archival footage, filmmakers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine have fashioned a dazzlingly entrancing ode to the revolutionary twentieth-century dance troupe known as the Ballets Russes. Click on the link above.

News - 2006

I want to formally congratulate and acknowledge our dancers on their summer session acceptances and college choices. Some were accepted at multiple schools, so had to make choices of where they would attend. Some were accepted, but chose not to attend. Being accepted among the stiff competition with so many dancers and students is to be noted. Here they are:

Professional Ballet Company Summer Program Acceptances

Sarah M - Denmark, along with Miss Peggy to the Bartholin International Ballet Seminar

Lillian - American Ballet Theatre Alabama

Summer 2005

Congratulations to the girls who are attending summer intensive workshops throughout the United States.

Nikita and Krista are attending the Central Wisconsin School of Ballet under the Direction of Mrs. Karkar.

Lillian will be attending the ABT (American Ballet Theater) summer session held at Alabama University and have the opportunity to work with several accomplished dancers and teachers. Lillian will be Ballet Petit's fifth dancer who has attended ABT's prestigious summer program in the same amount of years.

Lisa and Sarah will be attending The Lines Ballet School in San Francisco under the Direction of Alonzo King in the Pre-Professional Summer Intensive which is not only strong in classical ballet and pointe work, but also modern, jazz, and a variety of performance techniques. Alonzo King's Lines Ballet is a contemporary dance company that performs extensively throughout the United States.

News - Fall 2004

Ballet Petit Celebrates its 26th Anniversary of The Nutcracker

Hayward, CA - Ballet Petit will perform its 26th Anniversary production of Tchaikovsky's holiday dream ballet
The Nutcracker on December 4 and 5, 2004, at Chabot College Centre for the Performing Arts in Hayward, CA.

Ballet Petit Artistic Director Peggy Peabody explains that this is one of the longest running productions of The Nutcracker in Northern California. "It would be difficult to find another ballet school who has performed The Nutcracker as long as we have, and at this magnitude, without public funding," Peabody said.

Founded in 1979, Ballet Petit presented its first Nutcracker at a preschool in Fremont, CA. The show lasted a mere 10 minutes. Today, audiences are delighted to come and enjoy a high-caliber performance to rival those of larger companies - complete with magical special effects, festive hand-painted sets, and beautiful elaborate costumes, all of which are owned by Ballet Petit. "We don't rent costumes or sets," Peabody explained. "We've spent the past 26 years developing our Nutcracker to the remarkable production it is today," she said.

Ballet Petit will present the holiday classic with more than 250 local dancers. A unique feature of the production is that it includes dancers as young as three years old and spotlights older students who have danced their way up to more challenging roles over the years.

"Each year our cast includes many new dancers who were audience members last year," said Peabody. "After seeing the show, they want to become a part of it. I love that. That's one reason why we do this in the first place."

In addition, many ballet schools need to hire professionals to dance the lead roles, such as Clara and the Sugar Plum Fairy. However, Ballet Petit, being a classical ballet school based in the classical repertoire, is able to train its own advanced dancers to cover even the most challenging roles.

Ballet Petit is delighted to celebrate The Nutcracker on December 4, 2004, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.; and December 5, 2004, at 7 p.m. at the Chabot College Centre for the Performing Arts, 25555 Hesperian Blvd., Hayward, CA. Tickets can be purchased in advance at Ballet Petit, or 30 minutes prior to each performance at the theatre. Adults are $15, children/seniors are $12.50. Generous discounts are offered for groups of 20 or more.

Ballet Petit in Hayward, CA, has offered classes in ballet and ballet parallels in the East Bay for more than 25 years. The school focuses on ballet as a classical art form for both children and adults. Students with professional aspirations have been accepted from Ballet Petit to major professional ballet programs, including International Bartholin Ballet Seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark, The Royal Ballet of London, Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, The Pacific Northwest Ballet, Cleveland San Jose Ballet, and many more. The staff includes a number of former professional dancers with many years of experience in performance, teaching and choreography. Each year, Ballet Petit performs the heartwarming holiday story of The Nutcracker, as well as a Spring Concert.

News - Summer 2004

Ballet Petit Dancers accepted to summer programs

Congratulations to the dancers who have been accepted to summer programs - Lisa- to American Ballet Theatre, the Joffrey Ballet and Lines, Margaret - to SanFrancisco Ballet and American Ballet Theatre, Claire, Sarah, Allison, and Lillian to Contra Costa, Katherine- to Nevada State Ballet, Mayah to American Academy of Ballet. Your hard work has been rewarded with some wonderful choices. Great Job.

and... On April 3, Ballet Petit dancers were given a wonderful opportunity. Cuban ballerina, Laura Alonso, taught a 3 hour master class to Intermediate 3 and Advanced dancers. She taught a demanding class which will give all the a lot to think about and work on in coming weeks. Photos

Miss Alonso's class reminded dancers of how important their classical training is in their lives, stressing the significance of knowing their ballet classics, both the stories and the traditional choreography. Every movement in every ballet class is designed for a specific piece of choreography within classical ballet's rich repertoire. It is the responsibility of the dancer to not only know the steps, but to also know why the steps are there, and in which ballet those steps are utilized, and why. Her example is living proof of the significance and importance of truly classical ballet training.

Back in Cuba, Miss Alonso runs her own 700 student school and 30 dancer company. Her company performs three times a month. The repertoire includes La Bayadere, Coppelia, two familiar classics and favorites of Ballet Petit. Her mother, famed ballerina, Alicia Alonso, still directs the National Ballet of Cuba, blind and approaching 90 years young. Her father still rehearses and supervises students at both Laura Alonso's school in Havana and the National Ballet of Cuba's school. He is 90 years old.

Currently, most of the world's best ballet dancers are coming out of Cuba. Ballet Petit is fortunate to have had such a visit by an important piece of ballet history. We look forward to Miss Alonso's return. In the meantime...back to the barre!

News - Summer 2003

A special welcome back to our dancers who have trained away from home this summer- Lisa at ABT Margaret at the Contra Costa Ballet, and many of our other dancers who went to Summer programs and of course our own summer workshop with Ronn Guidi at the Oakland Ballet Academy Ballet . They look wonderful and obviously made the most of these wonderful experiences. Special blessings to the parents of these dancers who let them off to see the world on these adventures.

News - 2002 Summer

A special welcome back to our dancers who have trained away from home this summer- Luisa at the Kirov Academy in Washington, D.C., Jana at the Academy of Ballet in New York City, Sarah and Lisa at Contra Costa Ballet, and Alina and Jessica at the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, Denmark. They look wonderful and obviously made the most of these wonderful experiences. Special blessings to the parents of these dancers who let them off to see the world on these adventures.

You will notice a new name on the fall schedule. Please welcome Miss Heidi to our staff. You have seen her around, as she has subbed for us several times during the last 2 years. I am happy to add her to our already wonderful staff. Miss Heidi comes to us with a strong background, having danced professionally and taught in the Midwest.