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Ballet Russes - a film by Dayna Goldfine and Dan Geller
Unearthing a treasure trove of archival footage, filmmakers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine have fashioned a dazzlingly entrancing ode to the revolutionary twentieth-century dance troupe known as the Ballets Russes.

Information and Links for the Nutcracker Ballet
A site dedicated to providing information about the Nutcracker Ballet. The story, the history, the music and where to go to see The Nutcracker Ballet

Ballet Books
Over 130 New and not-so-new ballet books of all kinds are reviewed here for everyone interested in or active in ballet: beginning children and adult ballet books, ballet history books, ballet dancer health books, ballet dancer injury and prevention books, beginning ballet books, childrens ballet books, books on stories of ballets, classical and modern ballet movement and instruction books, books on ballet technique, ballet story books, ballet history.

The Perfect Pointe
The Perfect Pointe is an information warehouse dealing with pointe shoe research. Browse through The Pointe Shoe Information Exchange for any information detailing antique pointe shoes or pointe shoe questions in general.