Ballet Petit had its earliest beginnings back in 1977 at the Happy Time Nursery School in Fremont. Then in 1983, Ballet Petit first appeared in Newark as its own entity. Today, Ballet Petit enjoys a roster of about 150 students of all ages and abilities, as the studio rebuilds post-lockdown.

In 1977, Artistic Director Peggy Peabody began teaching ballet as a nursery school activity which eventually evolved into what is now known as Ballet Petit. Having recently ended her studies at the San Francisco Ballet School, she decided to create her own studio where local dancers could also learn and thrive as she had. 

The younger version of the current school first performed its mini-version of The Nutcracker in 1979 with 12 young dancers. The production grew as the dancers developed and matured. Ballet Petit’s 35th anniversary Nutcracker in 2013 counted nearly 300 dancers in over 450 costumes. Ballet Petit celebrated its 40th anniversary Nutcracker in December 2018, showcasing current students as well as multiple generations of returning alumni performing together at Chabot College's Reed Buffington Performing Arts Center.

Ballet Petit performs an annual Spring Concert as well, providing another stage opportunity for its dancers. In 2013, Ballet Petit began hosting the Oakland Ballet Company’s Summer Dance Intensive, a wonderful summer program. Dancers attend from all over the Bay Area and beyond, where they study various forms of dance in addition to ballet, under the watchful eye of Oakland Ballet Company staff. Ballet Petit dancers may also apply for its Junior Company, where the most serious dancers further develop their ballet training.

Ballet Petit moved into its permanent home in February 2013. Its 15,000 square foot state of the art facility continues to be a place where dancers of all ages are respected and encouraged to thrive for decades to come.

Come visit Ballet Petit today! Our studio is located at 2501 Industrial Park West, Hayward, CA 94545.

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"It's an environment where everybody supports each other and you can really get involved in the studio. I was able to do things like help out with choreography and make costumes, which taught me a lot of leadership skills that I didn't expect to gain at a dance studio." 
-- Junior Company Member

"My experiences at Ballet Petit are very special that you can't find at other places."

"Ballet Petit is amazing. Miss Peggy not only teaches our kids discipline and dedication, but also makes a point of including the family in the journey. Ballet Petit is not only dance school, it's a family of dancers and parents."
-- Ballet Petit Dad

"Ballet Petit is not only a dance school, it's a family of dancers and parents."

"As soon as I met Miss Peggy, I knew we wanted to be here. Miss Peggy is so easy to talk to and it is obvious she cares about each dancer and family. We immediately felt at home. We first enrolled during the fall so we were swept away with Nutcracker preparations and it was exciting!

I've told many people about how special Ballet Petit is because it's not everyday you find a place like this."

-- Ballet Petit Mom

"We immediately felt at home."


Children should experience the wonder of dance.

You don't have to be the top dancer. Just do your best.

Hard work and dedication to your craft pays off.

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