Studio Guidelines

Years of experience and a professional approach to our school have driven our published procedures and rules stated here, in our studio, and on our website. As a dancer or as a parent of a dancer, it is your responsibility to know and follow the rules and procedures set forth; they are not optional. Failure of the dancer or parents/family to follow these may result in the dancer’s dismissal from the school.

Registration, Scheduling, and Productions
Many decisions are made and costs are triggered as each dancer registers and is placed on a class roster. Once a schedule is submitted, a $15 change fee applies when making other changes to the registration, such as class additions, changes, or deletions, etc. This includes dancers who register as non-performing and change to performing because the participation coding changes on the roster. Class schedules initially set the framework for casting, so it is important to keep your schedule until after the performance. Your space in class is guaranteed only after accurate and complete registration paperwork and all fees have been submitted. Please remember that ONLY staff can determine levels and promote dancers. You may ask your dancer’s most recent or current teacher if you anticipate a promotion.

Payment of Fees
It is your responsibility to turn in fees by deadlines. All payments can be made by mail to: Ballet Petit, 2501 Industrial Parkway West, Hayward, CA 94545, or may be dropped in the locked box in Studio A. Fall Session registration opens in August. Payments are due by 9/15 and 10/15. Winter/Spring Session registration opens late November. Payments are due 1/15, 2/15, and 4/15. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable once paid. Missed classes may be made up, but only within the same session as the absence. All dancers pay an annual registration fee with Fall Session registration. New dancers pay registration fees upon entrance to the school for the remainder of that school year. Payments may be made by cash, checks, or credit cards. Credit card payments are only accepted on certain days. Please check with the office.

Observation/Waiting Areas
Ballet Petit is a classical ballet school. We welcome all visitors who are able to maintain the ambiance of the school. A classical ballet school is a focused environment where dancers work, rest, wait, study, eat, and even socialize. The atmosphere in the building is critical for dancers to maintain focus in the studio and in the various spaces in the building.

Parents are encouraged to watch classes or relax quietly in the various parent-approved waiting areas. Siblings are welcome as long as they can be quiet while at Ballet Petit. Noisy behavior, games, and toys are not permitted in the school as they disrupt the environment for the dancers. Our facility has a Noisy Sibling Room for adults to take their children when they are unable to wait quietly in the studio. Do not use cell phones in the hallways or observation areas. Urgent cell phone use is restricted to the lobby near the front entrance. Please make phone calls quickly, step outside, or go to your car to make and take calls.

Appropriate Ballet Dress Code and Protocols
Dancers must ALWAYS cover up with regular clothes and shoes when they arrive and leave the building. Dancers never come and go in ballet attire. They may never run in or out of the school, at any age, showing their ballet practice clothes. By ballet standards, not covering up is considered inappropriate, and it is not safe. We have provided both a Mommy and Me and a separate Daddy and Me dressing room for beginning level dancers under the age of 13.

Twinkle Toes through Beginning 4 dancers not needing dressing assistance are to use the Mommy and Me dressing room. Intermediate, Advanced level, and female dancers 13 years and older are the only ones who may use the dressing room located near Studio D. Male students have a dressing room near Studio A. Younger dancers may leave their clothes in the cubbies in the dressing rooms.

Int./ Adv. Dancers are encouraged to bring all valuables and their dance bags into the studio once they have used the dressing room to change. Dress Code: Female dancers are to wear a black leotard, ballet pink tights, and black or pink leather or canvas ballet slippers for all classes.

Extra dancewear items such as skirts, leg warmers, shrugs, sweaters, etc. are not to be worn at the barre without specific permission from the instructor. Dancers who forget ballet shoes or clothes are not permitted to take class, but are required to observe from inside the studio. Male dancers are to wear a white t-shirt with black leggings, tights, or shorts, black or white socks, and black or white ballet shoes.

Female dancers may wear other color leotards and male dancers may wear colored tee shirts each 25th-31st of each month. Hair: Dancers in Twinkle Toes, Beginning 1 and 2 are encouraged to have their hair in a bun for class. If that presents a challenge, a ponytail, or hair tied back from the face will suffice.

Dancers in Beginning 3 and above are required to wear their hair in a ballet-style bun for all classes and rehearsals. A ballet bun consists of a neat ponytail, twisting of the ponytail as it rounds into a neatly pinned bun covered with a hair net or chignon. Dancers should carry hair supplies in their dance bags as a part of their necessities. In some cases, a clip with a chignon to stuff the hair into makes a reasonable substitute for some hairstyles. All dancers are required to have buns for performances, so they should practice styling their own hair into a bun as soon as possible.

Internet and Photography
Our website,, is full of information, pictures, videos, and other items of interest to Ballet Petit dancers, families, and fans. Parents should expect that we post images that may include their children and understand that we use photos and videos from classes, rehearsals, and performances on our web site and in various publications. You may also find us on Facebook under Ballet Petit, Inc.

NOTE: Parents may NOT post Ballet Petit photos from rehearsals, classes, or performances, or any other Ballet Petit events on public sites without password protection unless those images only show their own child(ren).

Dress Code Reminders
Dancers are to arrive in time to change for their classes in the dressing room. Intermediate and Advanced dancers are advised to bring their dance bags and valuables into the studios during their classes. Dancers are to enter the studios in ballet attire, not their street clothes. Shoes that have been worn outdoors are not to ever be worn on the dance floors. Only Ballet Petit logo wear or appropriate solid pink, black, gray, or white items may be worn as warm ups through floor exercises, but are to be removed after plies at the barre. Skirts, etc. may be worn in centre at the discretion of the teacher.