Class Schedule





JULY 10 - AUGUST 31, 2023

Beginner Levels

Beginning 1 
Wednesday   5:00-5:45   Studio C   Miss Emily
Thursday       5:00-5:45    Studio C   Miss Emily

Beginning 2 
Tuesday          5:15-6:00     Studio C     Miss Leah
Wednesday   5:45-6:30     Studio C     Miss Emily
Thursday       5:45-6:30      Studio C     Miss Emily

Beginning 4
Monday            5:00-6:00      Studio A       Miss Peggy
Tuesday            7:00-8:00      Studio C      Miss Leah
Wednesday     7:30-8:30      Studio C       Miss Emily

Beginning 3 
Tuesday          6:00-7:00     Studio C     Miss Leah
Wednesday   6:30-7:30     Studio C     Miss Emily
Thursday       6:30-7:30      Studio C     Miss Emily

Intermediate Levels

Monday           6:15-7:30    Studio C   Miss Patience
Pre Pointe      7:30-8:15    Studio C   Miss Patience
Beg Startup   6:00-7:15    Studio C   Miss Patience
Thursday        4:30-5:45    Studio B   Miss Patience

Intermediate 1, 2, 3
Monday      7:30-8:45     Studio A     Miss Peggy
Tuesday      4:45-6:00     Studio A     Miss Patience
Thursday   4:15-5:30      Studio A     Miss Peggy
Thursday   8:00-9:15      Studio A     Miss Emma

Pointe Classes
Tuesday      6:00-6:30    Studio A     Miss Patience
Tuesday      8:00-8:45    Studio A     Miss Patience
Thursday   5:30-6:00     Studio A     Miss Peggy
Thursday   5:45-6:30     Studio C     Miss Patience

Advanced Levels

Intermediate 3 - Advanced
Monday          6:00-7:30      Studio A     Miss Peggy
Tuesday         6:30-8:00       Studio A     Miss Patience
Wednesday  7:15-9:00       Studio A     Miss Emma
Thursday       6:00-8:00       Studio A     Miss Peggy
Thursday       8:00-9:15       Studio A     Miss Emma


Adult Division

Adult Division Class:
Thursdays   6:30-7:45   Miss Emma     Studio D
Wear comfortable dance attire and ballet shoes. Multi-level class.

$15 per class or $100 for 8 classes payable on Venmo (Ballet-Petit-Inc), cash, or checks. Class Dance Cards are good for 3 months. We extend the expiration dates to cover when we are closed.

Registration form for Adults can be filled out at your first class.

Note that there are no adult classes on the Thursdays when the school is in the theatre performing, or on break for holidays and between sessions.